Kkh 38 weeks appointment

Hi mummies, ftm here... I am having my 38th week appointment at kkh tomorrow and at my last appt the doc say we'll be meeting the midwives.. anyone has any experience on what to expect at 38th week appt? I'm haven't had any signs of labour... Any input is appreciated, thanks!

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Hey Diana, don't worry :) just ask doc about the growth of your baby or when does he think delivery will happen, if you need to do any exercises etc.

3y ago


Me too will be going for 38th week appt this Monday... hope it’s just a normal check... hope not went well for u

3y ago

Sorry for my typo * hope it went well for u😓 And thanks for sharing your appointment experience with me ... ❤️ take care and rest well and all the best for u💪 Will be going for mine later in awhile... ☺️