Hi mummies, I went to KKH and I went for FTS at 12 weeks and results came out for trisomy 21 as 1:2 which is extremely high risk. I’m only 28 and first pregnancy. Very very saddening to hear the news. Now I did NIPT at Thomson medical and doctor said looking at the scan now it looks normal to him.. he wouldn’t have guessed something is wrong if I didn’t tell him. Now fingers crossed and praying so hard. Anyone else went through similar situation? Please share..

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Hi! Certainly not an expert in any sense of the word, but I think the FTS (like OSCAR) give you probabilities rather than certainties - the scans etc provide a composite score and which are dependent on human skill to measure and so has a rate of false positives. I would think given the NIPT depends on free floating DNA is possibly 'more accurate' but I could be wrong. Did your TMC doctor say that s/he couldn't tell that anything was wrong looking at the FTS scan or the NIPT scan? Perhaps discuss the results of both with the doctor if you've not.

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2y ago

NIPT results came in as Low risk and baby is healthy. Thank god.