Mummies , i really need to rant out everything ...... if not i dunno if i will go crazy ...... Firstly , i had a so call my baobei "ah ma" which she is not and end up she want my baobei to her ah ma ... well fine wif me afterall still family member but the problem is she really like to act smart like she know my baobei more like what time baobei drink all under control i as the mother keep say lo still not hungry jus wanna play and carry but her will be at there say lo make noise le he wan make for him i was like no he nv ask for it ..... she will challange me say yes he is ... Everytime i had my stand but tat hubby of mine really listen to her and everytime she say what she follow ..... end up i will be the bad person fighting for everything ..... my lo admited to hospital for over fed which now need to control abit i know they tend to be hungry fast but cant be drinking at 210ml and asking for milk every 3 hrly .... which the so call ah ma is like a alarm clock once strike 3 hrs knock door wake lo up den keep at there say u wan milk u wan milk .... I really gg crazy from the way she act ..... Sorry for the long post as i jus wanna rant .... Thanks

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