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Hi mummies, does any mums experience on and off cramps in the lower abdomen just few days before period and realised you were pregnant in the end? I have been experiencing on and off cramps for a few days but my period isnt here yet..

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yea! it happened to me. I had cramps and was so sure my period was coming.. in fact, that month I fell pregnant was the month I felt that the cramps were more prominent. I took a pregnancy test after my period was 2 days late and I had a positive!

2y ago

Oh i see! I am 2 days before my period due date. I test for pregnancy using clear blue just now but was negative.. not sure if thats the final call

yes. 3 days before start cramping thought period is coming... period late for 2 days and decided to test and its positive.. till now 5 weeks pregnant still cramping on and off...

2y ago

Oh i see.. period is due to 1-2 days time but have been feeling on and off cramps. Use the pregnancy test kit just now but its negative.

yes I never had cramps and for both times I got pregnant, I felt cramping before the period and got me suspicious