Mummy-baby essential recommendations! ??

Hi mummies! Can I know what are you using/recommend on the following? I’m a FTM and going into my third trimester soon, it’s almost time to start buying some of the essentials. Let me know what brands are you using ? 1. Breast pump 2. Breast milk packet storage and storage 3. Milk bottles 4. Milk bottle steriliser

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1. Breast Pump - Pumpables (they have GB for 25% off) 2. BM Bags - Pumpables or Kiinde ouches which can be used as BM or Purée pouches 3. Milk Bottles - Hegen or if u get Kiinde, direct from pump to their pouches to feeding 4. UV Steriliser - Haenim 3G / 4G

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Avent single pump, and haakaa breast pump (for home use), spectra S9 for going out. Avent milk bottle and milk storage containers Haenim Sterilizer

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1. Spectra S1 & S9+ 2. Boots 3. Any is fine but i'm using spectra & avent wide neck bottles 4. Avent steam steriliser (hand me down from friend)

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Hegen breast pump and bottles Pigeon, Autumnz & Timmee toppee milk storage bags Pigeon steam steriliser

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Spectra s1.. milk bag unless over supply if not storage bottle is enough..mam bottle and avent sterili

1. Spectra S1+ 2. Both from Autumnz - Q10 3. Tommee Tippee (newborn-2mth) > Pigeon 4. Haenim 3G

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1. Spectra s1 and haakaa 2. Lasinoh or boots bag. 3. Pigeon ppsu bottles 4. Haneim

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