Natural birth VS C-sect

Hi mummies, I am in week 35 and doctor is asking me to decide between natural birth and C-sec. She mentioned all is good except my baby's head is a little big, but still can try to go for natural birth. But she kind of emphasis that, many patients choose C-sec because they don't wish to change to emergency C-sec if there's anything during the process. And when we asked about her opinion on natural birth, she just mentioned can try, it's up up us. May I know other mummies who came through this before? How do you make a decision and decide? #firstbaby #pleasehelp #advicepls

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Firstly, u nd to get ur gynae to convince u the chances of u having natural birth. As this is 50/50 case, u will oso nd to asked urself if ur ready to face any didlfficulties if there is any complications arise. Emergency czer is not a gd experience to go thru. I hv been there before. If ur gynae can convince u, u can stick to it. The decision is urs eventually.

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9mo ago

I agree here also. I was not asked to decide, I wanted natural birth but my cervix was stuck at 6cm after 18hrs so I had to do emergency csect. Tbh I think my gynae preferred csect but she was ok wif my decision to try natural

Did she mention how big is “a little big”? If you opt for natural delivery you could still get an episiotomy to widen the opening so that baby can come out easier. You’ll heal a lot faster with natural delivery for sure!

9mo ago

no she didn't. she jus mention "abit big but still can try to go on natural"