Hi mummies, honestly speaking I have not much female friends in life so I don't know who to ask. I am very scared of the contraction pain and labour pain. I WANT A PAIN FREE delivery from start till end, sorry to say I don't want to experience motherhood. As long as I can deliver my baby out safely, I am happy. So this is the reason I need to seek those who have undergone through Normal Delivery with Epidurals pls help me to answer some truthful experiences. THANK YOU!!!! Q1a) When can a pregnant mum start to ask for epidural to be administered?? In observation Ward while waiting for dilation?? Coz I also don't want to feel any slight to intense contractions. Q1b) From the moment she enters the hospital with mild contractions??? Or only when she has very intense contractions prior to actual labour??? Q2) Does epidural effect 100% NUMB the lower part of body UNTIL the FULL DELIVERY OF BABY??? Actually how effective or how long can it lasts till??? Q3a) How to lie down on your back flat if epidural is at your back??? Will not block the epidural from getting into your body??? Q3b) Is epidural considered an anesthesia??? Recently I only heard 2 mums said they ownself press a button to release epidural, how come is like that???? Not done by nurses or doc??? Q3c) Is there any MIN or MAX dosage of epidural can be used??? Q4a) Was there ANY SLIGHTEST PAIN felt when pushing of baby at the cervix & vagina if epidural has been used??? Coz I REALLY don't want to feel any pain when pushing. Q4b) And....also how to push the baby out if lower body is fully numb??? Or actually when pushing baby, there will be no or lesser epidural used??? Q5) Any anesthesia or numbing cream used before cutting the vagina and stitching back??? Or the epidural is actually still effective??? Any SLIGHTEST PAIN felt too???

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Hi mommy, I'll answer some of your questions in parts and hopefully it will ease your worries a little bit. 1a/b) If you are in labour and you know that you want an epidural, you can actually ask for one as soon as you get there. Some choose to wait till the labour pains start actively but from what I heard, you can ask for it whenever you want. 2a) Epidural is administered via a catheter. It is left in the epidural space, medication can be given into the epidural space to treat labor pain for as long as is needed. The end of the catheter that is outside your back will be attached to a device that will continuously deliver medication into the epidural space to maintain continuous pain relief throughout your labor and delivery.

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If you had the epidural on, you won't feel much pain. They won't be able to give u a full dose of epidural as during the pushing part they will turn the dosage down as they need you to push. For the cutting part, once u are on epidural, u won't feel a thing.