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Hi mummies. I just had my 2nd appt at NUH (13 weeks preg) At how many weeks will i get to know my baby's gender?

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You can do prenatal testing from weeks 11 to 13, that can allow you to know the gender of the baby early. There are different types of such tests, harmony, panorama. Gynae will advise. If not, you can usually tell the gender by ultrasound scans by week 20 or so.

Mine was 13 weeks. Usually, if is a baby boy u will see on early weeks. For baby gal tends to be shy close legs dun let u see until 18-20 wks.

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I did mine baby gender scan at 21 weeks same hospital you went to NUH and also make sure that they booked for you doc appointment after your scan.

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Blood test can tell within 10-12weeks, otherwise depending on ultrasound.. sound be 4-5months

I knew on week 16. If u do the panorama scan u will know gender sooner

If u do harmony/panorama/igene(dna tests) u can know them by week 12

If you do harmony test it could be as early as 12 weeks

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Hi... you should know between 20 to 24 weeks

you can know soon if you did blood test


Can check after the 4 month check up