14 weeks doctor appt

Hello mummies.. was wondering what to expect at docs appt? This will my third appt. I’m at 14weeks, at how many weeks can we find out the gender?#pregnancy #1stimemom

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I did igene (similar to harmony test) at week 12 and found out the gender within 2 weeks! Amazing how they know the gender just by drawing your blood. ☺️

I saw my baby’s gender at 16 weeks but my gynae doesn’t want to confirm yet so waited till 20 weeks detailed scan for confirmation.

Unless you do the NIPT test, then you can know earlier. Otherwise it's always by 20-22 weeks

I knew the gender at wk 12 through NIPT. Via scan only wk 20 onwards.

At 19weeks, we already saw the gender through ultrasound..

usually at week 20, unless u do the harmony test.

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Gender reveal by week 20

Usually at week 20

20 weeks.