Hunger cause nausea

Hi mummies I am going into my 13 weeks. Everytime I feel hungry and never eat for less than 5 minutes I will start to feel nausea. Is this normal?

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For me it’s always so sudden when I feel hungry. I need my food fast, otherwise I will get frustrated easily haha... U can keep small packets of biscuits in your bag or home, just in case you need to munch while waiting for food. Eating fruits is also a good alternative too.

Same... It is normal I guess mine started to be like this from wk 8 till now and it hasn't gone away... I don't eat alot, but when the clock ticks for hunger and I don't eat, I will be nauseous or belch.. I was hoping it will go away and I'd be normal by 2nd trimester but no... T.T

me on week 13 suddenly yesterday nausea so bad.I cant eat or drink anything.I keep on vomittimg,i'mjust like a walking merlion.Then today i try to drink plum juice and so far it do helps.Try to drink some juice or eat fruits.It really helps with nausea.

Keep healthy snacks or biscuits with u all the time so that when u feel hungry, eat some to ease the nausea.. or have like a lemon drink always in ur bag and dont forget to have small meals every few hours

Normal. Keep some biscuits with u at a times. I have Meiji biscuits with me. Saved me Esp during on the bus or train on the way to work. Or home.

I’m in my 22 week and my nausea is still very bad. So I tend to have smaller meals/snacks besides having larger meals. I still do vomit but much lesser

Yes, it happens to me as well. Try to eat before you get hungry. Maybe munch onto something every 2 to 3 hours.

Yes, try take it which everydrink that make you feel better... My wife too 100plus sometimes milo sometimes ribenna

i feel the same too .. i try to eat before i feel hungry to avoid the nausea feeling

Omg me too !! I’m at week 13 and because of nausea I only gained about 1KG :/ hopefully it will get better in 2nd tri…