Phobia of Csection

Hi mummies. I gave birth via emergency c section last year August. And will be going for elective csect this November. The first csection was honestly bearable..but the thought of going in the operating theatre and to not see my firstborn for 3 days worries me alot. Also I have friends commenting that the second csection will be even more painful compare to the first one. Can anyone share your thoughts on this? Please no negativity as Im so worried as i have few weeks left to go 😩

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It depends on individual pain tolerance level. My sister went through C section and her kids are 11 months apart. Yes, the pain is there as her stitches was almost opening up. However, she endure it pretty well. She wear velcro wrap to carefully to keep posture straight and avoid hunching. She did her confinement pretty good too. She dont seat a lot and walk about when needed. So far so good through the confinement and massage. Dont think much and be positive. As long as baby & you are safe that's good. Healing will take process but soon will get better.

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