Gestational Diabetes

Hi mummies! I am currently week 29 with gestational diabetes. Would like to seek for your advise on what kind of food do you usually consume for 3 meals per day? Kinda lost/confused as I do not have it in first pregnancy. Thanks.

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low gi bread w PB (pure type) or sunny side up for breakfast. will mix up w 4pcs of chwee kueh occasionally. lunch/dinner will probably be brown rice w roasted chicken breast w boiled broccoli. i will weigh my brown rice, and then my dietician say i’m actually undereating. occasionally can snack a bit of air fry stuff but gotta trial and error :) snack usually plain Meiji biscuit or apple/blueberries (frozen one nowadays bc of the weather.) drink mostly plain water, and sometimes tea/coffee without any sugar

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I had alot of yong tau foo, those mixed rice stall the sides (no rice), chicken, fish. I used to take meiji plain crackers (oat), blueberries with some cashew, low fat meiji milk, rockmelon, passion fruit for breakfast! Lunch i would just cook those one pot soup and dump all the ingredients in. But my GD was pretty bad so ya, i didnt really have much carbs in my diet..

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7mo ago

Np! Stay safe too! But diff ppl react differently to carbs.. so i tink trial n error

2wheat bread in the morning, u can put egg or cheese lunch /dinner usually the same for me, very small portion of rice , u can eat more veggie / chicken / pork / beef as long as less rice and carbs snack - fruits such as guava, apple , oranges works for me. drinks mainly water

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ur gynae got give u medication or insulin? need to control ur diet to control ur reading. i am 28weeks so far i think i controlling well. i eating clean food