Food to avoid during breastfeeding?

Hi, I am currently on confinement and I would have to eat fish, dishes cooked with some alcohol and drink herbal soup everyday. I have a few concerns of the following: - does the amount of mercury in fish allow me to breastfeed safety? - if the dish is cooked with 1-2 tablespoon of alcohol, how long should I wait before I pump? - does the herbs in the soup affect baby? Thanks

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Hi, eating fish is alright during confinement:) if you’re very worried about mercury, avoid fish like tuna and swordfish. The usual fish in confinement food is fine. Generally, if food is cooked well with Chinese wine, the alcohol evaporates during the cooking, so it shouldn’t affect your milk. The usual confinement food herbs are also okay for breastfeeding. Remember to drink lots of fluids in order to build up your breastmilk supply:)

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Avoid big fishes as these fishes contain high level of mercury. Small fishes like kuning fish is safe to eat. If having food which contains alcohol added to it, best to wait for at least 2 hours before u pump out or latch on.

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