Period and breastfeeding

Hello mummies, may I check if anybody is having period while still breastfeeding? I'm exclusively pumping out milk for my LO but my period came in Feb and Mar...wondering if this is normal.

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hi! I exclusively latch breastfed my baby with no formula substitute but my period 3 months after birth. so I feel like it's normal. I stopped breastfeeding when my baby is 21 months old cause she's starting childcare. and also my period is very regular. and I got pregnant when my baby stopped breastfeeding.. 😅

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I’m exclusively pumping too and i had my menses back ard the 5th month… cos i was extending the pump intervals…. My gynae did tell me that irregular pumping will result in menses returning lol 😂 i guess that’s what happened to me

my gal is still latching when my period came recently, 8 1/2 mth after delivery

it's normal. i am exclusively bfeeding but my menses came back after 6 weeks.

Yes me too, some do experience e same as u. But still depends on individual

exclusive pump & latch.. period came just right after I ended lochia 😆

Yes im having my menses now but also pumping out milk.

yep, mine came 4th month despite exclusively pumping

It's normal. 😊

It’s normal