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Hi mummies, I have been exclusively pumping & bottle feeding my LO since birth. He is 3 month old now. I have drop my pumping frequency to 4-5 times per day. Is it possible for me to maintain my supply if I drop the pumping frequency? I am solely taking care of my LO so it is diffcult for me to continue with the 8 pumping sessions per day schedule. My period have also came and my granny told me that I shouldn't get my period unless I stopped "breastfeeding". Is it weird for me to have my period since i am exclusively pumping and does having my period mean my breastmilk is drying up?

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If you drop the frequency yes your supply will drop. As for menses some mummy are like this even breastfeeding also can have menses. But don't need to worry. Jiayou mummy, don't stress yourself if you r looking after LO yourself. If there's a need to add formula milk then go ahead rather than stressing yourself out okie mummy.

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