Mummies I been bf my girl, but sometime she will drink and drink and vomit.. This few days she been making the sound of vomit but not vomit .. Is she too full or because after her drink when she drink finish we carry her? She is 4 months old..

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The vomiting/spitting up may be caused by reflux, or perhaps the flow of milk was too fast. Try burping her after the feed and also keeping her in a upright position during and after feeds. Do not bounce her after the feeding. Hope some of these help! Take care!

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Carry is good. It could be nothing. Sometimes babies like to make that sound because they are bored abt the food - they treat it like playing but accidentally vomit too. Unless it's a lot and baby is not active then maybe she is ill. Otherwise it's a phase

Try to feed baby in smaller portions or durations. In between burp baby and make baby sit up. That helped me.

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It could be a reflux. change a position to latch the baby.