Hi mummies, how to remedy milk rash?

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If really very bad, go see doc for steroid cream for fast recovery than maintain by keeping it clean everytime after drinking milk with warm towel wiping his face. Some place sell sterilise cotton ball, hence you don't need to sterilise before using. Rash usually can cause from the heat, dirty, and baby skin being sensitive. So try to keep as clean and cooling as possible.

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Breastmilk is a great natural milk rash remedy. It is safe to use with its healing and natural properties. Just use a cotton ball dipped with breast milk and gently rub on affected area daily till rash goes away. Here is an informative article that suggests a few other tried and tested methods to vanquish milk rash: http://sg.theasianparent.com/milk-rash-remedies/

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According to this article: http://sg.theasianparent.com/milk-rash-remedies/ Breast milk could help with your baby's rashes. Just wet a cotton ball with breast milk and dab on the affected area daily. There are other suggestions (like using Jasmine flower, or washing face with Cetaphil or Physiogel cleansers) provided in the article. You can check it out. :)

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Thanks mummies! Any idea what causes the rash? Im worried if its the cotton ball im using to clean his face? I will sterilise the cotton ball before cleaning his face btw. Thanks:)

Hi! Usually milk rash comes from milk that dries up on the face. Make sure to wipe your baby's face after feeding.

Use parboiled water n wipe the face n mouth after each feed.

I used breast milk and it works well for me.