Work during pregnancy

Hi mummies, how long into pregnancy are you still working (not from home)? I am wondering if i am able to cope with working till almost birth. Hope to hear some of your experiences and how you all cope with it. Thank you

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Worked till 35th wk and then it's HL till delivery at 39th. I've asthma and being a pri sch teacher worsened my condition so bad tt my oxygen level went down, which was threatening my baby. Don't force urself if u feel exhausted! I made the mistake of refusing earlier HL cz I was feeling so guilty to leave my students before I cld prepare them for their exams. Put urself first!

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9mo ago

Im working in preschool and my mental wellbeing is really twirl up. I couldn’t take half day leave or mc to even see my psychiatrist cause my partner had appointment too. Im sick and tired of all this. Im like thinking what if i die, will they call me out from my grave to take the class????

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I worked throughout my first pregnancy. I was a student care supervisor. My work requires a lot of walking from one point to another. Take a break as and when you feel overwhelmed at work. Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated.