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Hi mummies, have u taken ur booster jab during ur pregnancy? Im at 18w5d. Gynae told me anytime i can take the booster. But im just a bit of trauma due to my 2nd vaccine i had very bad abdominal pain to endure for 2days then suddenly menses came in early. But during my abdominal pain i couldn't get up to do any work at all. #1stimemom

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Hi there! I received my booster close to 20 weeks and I had no symptoms although my second jab was horrible for me! (Fever, heart palpitations, headache) Thankful for that! I believe(my own opinion) that it would be best to take the booster to protect yourself and your baby, and you can read up on the necessity of booster especially for pregnant women. I think everyone has a diff experience, and if your gynaecologist gives you the green light, you should be encouraged to go ahead. A few mummies and me were upset that we had to wait for the booster when we’re part of the vulnerable group. Pregnant women should be among those prioritised :) at the end of the day it’s up to you and your gynae’s suggestion. So far all the mummies I know have rushed for the booster asap 😄 all the best! I’m almost 30 weeks now and baby is doing great

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