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Hi mummies, have u taken ur booster jab during ur pregnancy? Im at 18w5d. Gynae told me anytime i can take the booster. But im just a bit of trauma due to my 2nd vaccine i had very bad abdominal pain to endure for 2days then suddenly menses came in early. But during my abdominal pain i couldn't get up to do any work at all. #1stimemom

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took my booster on 15w, Slight fever, headache and I have a very bad bad backpain, I cannot even bend.. I took Panadol from doc after 2 days recover.

i just had my booster yesterday. my gynae adviced to take it. so far i only have sore arm. no fever nor anything elsw.

Hi, did anyone take Moderna as their booster (Pfizer for 1st and 2nd) in their first trimester?

Took my booster during my second trimester and there's no side effects, just sore arms.

I wanted to take at week 30 but decided to postpone to week 36 😁 I’m week 31 now.

9mo ago

Is booster better taken nearer the EDD? would like to hear ur opinion :) I am currently undecided when to take booster..

Yes I taken my booster at 28 week pregnancy and I have no affect anything

im currently 28weeks, feels like delaying my booster til i give birth 😅

9mo ago

same here, i feel like just delaying til give birth, i am at week 26 now. I just recently got covid, my fully vaccination status will expire about 1 month earlier than my EDD. What about ur gynae opinion?

hi mummy,how r u? have u taken booster? all will be well. u can do this

I took booster at week 14~15. No issue and just a little tired