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Hi mummies, have u taken ur booster jab during ur pregnancy? Im at 18w5d. Gynae told me anytime i can take the booster. But im just a bit of trauma due to my 2nd vaccine i had very bad abdominal pain to endure for 2days then suddenly menses came in early. But during my abdominal pain i couldn't get up to do any work at all. #1stimemom

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I am 27 weeks, discussed with my doc on my plan to delay until the last week of the 270days period which would then be about my 35 weeks, i did not want to take any risks too.. he agreed because different people have different reactions to booster but advise to go 1 week earlier than my initial plan for differentiating between booster side effects or in case of early labour...

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9mo ago

i may consider this too. 😊 will discuss with my gynae for my next visit at 21weeks.