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Hi mummies, have u taken ur booster jab during ur pregnancy? Im at 18w5d. Gynae told me anytime i can take the booster. But im just a bit of trauma due to my 2nd vaccine i had very bad abdominal pain to endure for 2days then suddenly menses came in early. But during my abdominal pain i couldn't get up to do any work at all. #1stimemom

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Hi, I just took my booster last week on 5th March. I'm into my 18w today. Not much side effects for me. Only headache for one day after the booster and slight fever. Recovered on the next day. Feeling normal after that. I have a friend who was also pregnant and took her booster on week 18, all good too... She is in her 26weeks now. Oh, and I took Pfizer for my first 2 jabs, little side effects and my Gynae suggested I go for Pfizer for my booster, which I did as we didn't know how my body will be with Moderna.

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9mo ago

Same with me! I took my booster when i was 9/10 weeks pregnant and everything went well except i got caught up with covid the next 2 days. My 1st and 2nd was pfizer also my booster :)