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Hi mummies, have u taken ur booster jab during ur pregnancy? Im at 18w5d. Gynae told me anytime i can take the booster. But im just a bit of trauma due to my 2nd vaccine i had very bad abdominal pain to endure for 2days then suddenly menses came in early. But during my abdominal pain i couldn't get up to do any work at all. #1stimemom

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I’ve heard so many bad experiences with preggos & booster. My massage lady told me half of her client who took boosters during pregnancy, all their babies came out within the next 2 weeks regardless full term or not. (I also heard the same thing from another group of mummies.) Worse case is baby didn’t make it after booster. After hearing so many real life experiences shared by mummies and people around me, I’d really advise to take after birth… But of course there are also mummies who took boosters and everything went well..

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9mo ago

hello, I'm a FTM too! my gynae recommended me to take after 3 months and choose Pfizer for less post-booster symptoms. My first 2 was moderna and had vv bad headaches and chills and fever. So I took Pfizer booster on week 14, only slight arm ache and little headache. So glad I took it because a week later, my hubs and his family got covid positive and though I was the main caregiver to him, I didnt test positive at all. phew!