Waking up constantly to pee

Mummies do you guys waking up constantly to pee in your 3rd trimester? It’s so tiring and sleepy during the next day😢😌#pregnancy

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Yes, it is normal. As the baby move head down and it press on our bladder. Further our uterus is also growing bigger and press on our bladder too. Bear with it, as long as baby keep growing healthily and steadily all these temporary inconveniences are worth it. Jiayou!!! Stay positive, a happy mama, a healthy baby. Take good care and God bless you and baby!

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Yes totally normal! I used to dread having to wake up at night to pee during my pregnancy but looking back, I guess it's nature's way of preparing urself for the sleepless night feeds when baby arrives. Not to scare u (if u're a first time mom) but nothing else is more tiring than the postpartum period!

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I have been waking up atleast twice ever since my first trimester. But now at third trimester the difficulty is getting out of bed. I'm like that tortoise who fell on its back 😆 I need help to get out of the bed.

I pee all the time since 1st trimester. I woke up at least twice and max 4 times. Now i’m only on 15 weeks. I guess, it’s normal.

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For me it's mostly in first trimester, just started third trimester and luckily my bladder is fine so far (touch wood) 🙈

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yes its normal as baby is pushing fown towards out bladder.. once u give birth, will be back to normal

hi yes, need to go toliet almost like 3 to 5 times every night during my third trimester...

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yes and its normal! it will get over soon after you give birth! hang in there mummy :)

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Yes it’s normal. Try to drink more during the day instead. ☺️

I've been waking up every 3 hours to pee!