Hello all mummies, My girl is now 7mths old fully on bm (latch and bottle) and we just started introducing solid to her. She doesn't seem to like to drink from bottle since 2 months old partly because of confusion btw latching and bottle (i was wrong to listen to confinement lady and mil to introduce bottle at 2wks old because she has no problem latching on). We have been trying so hard all the while in order for her to drink from bottle but now she seems like having milk strike or bottle strike. What i understand from mil she only drink 3 times from 8am to 7pm in a day for about 100 to 120ml, either bottle feed else spoon feed most of the time. Meaning in the day time she drinks appx 360ml + 2 times of cereals. On a side note she will latch at night from 9.30pm onwards (when i back from work), she will latch in the mid night too. May I know if she is having bottle strike? Is she drinking enough? Of cos she is not losing any weight but i am just afraid that she is not drinking enough for her to grow better. Have been working so hard to pump at work. Thanks to advise ~

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