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Hi mummies, am a ftm newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes at week 26+. Still getting use to everything (diet and pricking) Could you mummies who have been through or undergoing this condition share your home care experience (diet, readings, after delivery did it go away?). My reading seem to be on higher end of the range 6.5 post 2 hrs.. thanks for your time, really appreciate the effort!

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I also take unsweetened soy milk because every other beverage will cause my sugar level to spike, so doc recommended unsweetened soy milk and I can drink it moderately if I would like a switch because drinking water can get boring, and I take whole grain bread( 1 piece ) every morning with egg and cheese because anything more then one piece also spike up my blood sugar, I can’t take yong Tao Hu either because that too will spike up, I usually eat white skin chicken rice if I need to takeaway from the outside or porridge. When u takeaway from outside do not pick something with sauce, esp from economical rice store, they have this chicken or fishes that comes with a lot of sauce don’t take that, if needed, ask them to drain away the sauce before putting into ur rice packet and when u go back home scrape out the sauce further. Don’t take too much peas or corn or carrot, u need them still for vitamins but in moderation, most important is ur portion and ur no. of exchange. The exchange technique I didn’t imply but I just make sure I don’t take in too much of everything.

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Hello! I was diagnosed with gd during my pregnancy and so basically its recommended to go for brown rice instead of white and don’t eat too much fruit like I did, mine was not in moderation that’s why( loves fruits too much) my reading became more regular and in the acceptable range only after the insulin(I hope u don’t have to go to that point) and yeah it did go off after pregnancy and baby come out fine, don’t worry. Just control diet and walk more.

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Thanks for your reply!! Really appreciate your time. Will definitely take your advice

I've also been thru this. avoid carbo, like rice, noodles, bee hoon, bread. if u have to take. take those made of wholemeal. eat more vege, meat to keep urself full. after delivery, u will be fine! roughly 16 more weeks, 4 months to go. u can do it!

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I eat lots of veggies and fruits and grilled meat. Carbo can eat pasta and brown rice, mee sua whole meal bread etc. Basically you can still eat alot of stuffs though. My GD went away after delivery

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The best is to eat home cook food.