Gestational diabetes

Hi mummies with GD, Can you please share what happened when your gynae diagnosed you with GD?.. Will it go away eventually go away?.. Im afraid cause ive been indulging on sweet stuffs this pregnancy.. 😔

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GD has nothing to do with eating sweet stuff. its hormones change in your body now that you have a bb inside. i dont take much sweet stuff before and during pregnancy. even my bubble tea is 0% sugar hahah but I stil got GD. initially had to prick finger for glucose test device every day before and after each meal , for 2 weeks. monitor which food is getting my GD high and avoid those. but GD readings became worse as bb grows bigger, those food that are ok initially also became high GD result 😅. had to eventually inject myself with insulin before every meal and prick finger test before and after every meal, all the way till 2nd day after giving birth. had to go for GD test 6 weeks after giving birth. passed my GD test . phew

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I consumed sweet things every single day since pregnant, but passed my GD. Sometimes its abt how your body break down the sugar, not really abt the sweet things you cobsume. It depends on how high your GD is. If your GD is not so high, doc will ask you to start pricking your finger few times a day and use the glucose test device to track your glucose level. Eg before food, after food etc. usually gd will go away once youve given birth, bt some became pre diabetic after birth. If your GD is very high, usually might need to inject insulin.

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As per others reply, GD is hormone related. I had GD and was asked to do diet control and prick myself twice a week for glucose readings. I ate my usual meals and readings were ok. Indulged in 1 or 2 cheat meal/drinks on days that i didnt have to prick. Because my readings were ok, i was discharged from the GDM clinic at 36 weeks. Gave birth, did OGTT 6weeks later and results came back normal.

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i don't like any sweet stuff but was diagnosed with GD. i didn't pass my 2 weeks reading 🥲 so i had to take metformin(tablet) 2 times per day until i gave birth. going to GD 6 weeks test soon and hopefully it goes away. don't be afraid and think so much okay? not good stressing yourself out. just get it check and see the result after. you can do this!

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I had to prick daily until i deliver. My endocrine doc let me no nd prick when i keep eating same food.. but anyway i have fam history n i also got prediabetes alr.

I am quite worried too and my GD test is two weeks away. Have taken a sweet tooth after getting pregnant. But trying to cut down consciously.

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i am just too afraid that i even plan to get pomegranate juice to consume.. hehh.. all th best mummy for your GD test! hope your results will turn out good. health mummy and baby! 💕