Any mummies feeling super breathless at week 22? It got bad when i lied down. Is this normal? What should i do.

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I felt breathless and heart palpitations when I was around my 2nd tri. I'm on my 35weeks now and it gets worse. cause baby is getting bigger and crushing the lungs capacity more. try to do long and slow breathe. if lying down doesnt work for you, try sitting instead. Sometimes your heart might beat alot faster cause your body is pumping more blood and oxygen to baby that is constantly growing. If nothing really helps, try to tell you gynae on the next checkup. Might want to have them check on your iron count. I was anaemic and my dr subscribed iron pills for me which i feel it worked.

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Don't lie on your back, as the tummy weight will press down on your organs and diaphragm even more. Lie on your side. If you have trouble staying on your side, get a pillow to angle yourself, so that you're at least not completely lying flat on the back. But yeah, it will get worse in the later weeks. I had anaemia (my red blood count dropped to 10 in Week 32), so I get breathless more easily. My gynae placed me on iron supplements, and its back to normal range now that I'm at Week 36. But I still feel breathless, since the baby is getting bigger.

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It's quite common, during my 2-3rd trimesters there are days my average heart rate was over 100 bpm for the whole day 😅. It's something we just have to face unfortunately, hang in there.

Me me me me! Had difficulty sleeping yesterday. It was so bad.

I also had it

I also had it