Dislike drinking water

Hi any mummies dislike drinking water during pregnancy? I find it gives off a weird taste & I only reach out for sweet drinks :/ What other alternatives do y’all take if you can’t take water?

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i keep craving for beer.. and gasy drinks.. lol.. i restrict myself to drink only 100 plus.. i dun feel like drinking water, but i force myself to drink it as im having constipation and darker stool due to the multi-vits prescribed by gynae.. i ate less vege too.. i cant find the right taste for which vege to eat.. i used to be not picky over any food & drinks..

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I didn’t drink much plain water during pregnancy. I was constantly craving for coke lol! (Didn’t drank coke for years pre pregnancy 🫠) Anyways, can try adding lemon to your water to see if it helps. How about honey or red dates water? The rest of the beverages just drink in moderation to prevent GD. 😃

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Ice mountain sparkling water is great! They have different flavours and are all sugar free. However, only the lemon flavour is sugar and sodium free. The others have sodium, which I feel it’s not good to take frequently so I only go for the lemon flavour.

Same here, water tastes bitter to me since the start of pregnancy, now I am 26 weeks and it is getting better. I find that adding lemon to water helps. I also try to replace sweet drinks with healthier alternatives like coconut water / yogurt / Yakult.

Hi! Same for me. I find water taste weird and do drink sweet drinks instead. But i still make myself drink some water to prevent a rise in glucose in take. Just try to have water still in between :)

got one period of time, I also had issue drinking water.. so I switch to sparkling water and sometimes 100 plus.. and milk is my another alternative since I need the calcium level and baby grown

I drink Evian water. I feel it is easier to down as compared to other brands. It is not as exp as you imagine if you buy in bulk from redmart. I think less than $2 for 1.5l bottle.

I drank more water during pregnancy. Despite I hate it! But I told myself I needed to. Maybe you can try alkaine water, taste so much better (sweeter to I feel it) and evian water?

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During my whole pregnancy period for me if I drink water immediately got vomiting. so my doctor suggest me to drink mix with isotonic drink or little bit lemon to avoid dehydration

I experienced it too and almost got dehydrated, I preferred drinking natural orange juice instead. I also lose appetite on foods. That was during my 1st trimester.