MMR + Chickenpox vaccination side effects

Hi mummies, is diarrhoea normal after these vaccinations? After 6th days of the vaccination, he has high fever and diarrhoea. Thereafter, his fever subsides after 3 days and red spots like rashes appeared. But my boy is still having diarrhoea for 5 days already. Should i bring him to consult doc?

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Its normal. My son took and had that symptoms for a week. But unless ur Lo is not lethargic and less appetite. Then its shud be a worry cause the body is adapting to the vaccine.

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eating. diarrhoea is a new thing? so i should bring him to consult doc? i tried to dilute his milk now. nt sure will help or not. goving him barley water n plain water

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Pd told me that fever and red spots are normal side effects but diarrhoea is a new thing. Is she latching or eating?

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Best to bring your child to the pediatrician...