problems with bottle feed

Hi mummies My daughter turned 2 mths on 11 apr 2020. All along before she turned 2,she was perfectly fine inserting bottle in her mouth and finished her feedings. At times we notice she wants more milk whenever we pull out the bottle from her mouth. 2 days before 2 mths and till now when we feed her she dont want the bottle n at times her milk will not finish. We feed her on her feeding time. She show all the signs of hungry but when we feed she dont want the bottle. She will show signs like puke n cry. Im on mixed feeding formula n bm. I pump to give her in bottle as latching im afraid she will not have enough.Any advise from mummies..

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if she still fusses but doesn’t want milk try offering pacifier maybe she just wants to suckle

2y ago

hmm have u tried round pacifiers?