Breastmilk in a storage bag

Hello mummies, my daughter is 3 weeks old now. I’m doing direct latching and pumping when she’s sleeping. May I know how many ml of breastmilk do you mummies suggest me to put in a bag of storage bag for easy thawing? 150ml/200ml?

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Super Mum

120ml should be alright. Remember not to fill storage bags full ie, dont fill 150ml bm in a 150ml bag. They'll expand and burst.

2y ago

Thank you Mrs Loh! I shall do that (:.

The lesser the better. About 80ml? More like prevent wastage. See normally how much she drink

2y ago

Now she drinks about 100ml. So was just wondering by the time she’s 1-2 months is just nice for 150ml or not hahaha. Hard to agak because she’s still 3 weeks now plus I’m a FTM.