Ovarian cyst during pregnancy

Hi mummies. Just curious. Anyone had experience of finding out that they have an ovarian cyst during their pregnancy ? What’s the experience ? Is it serious ? My gynae said it’s very small and it’s supporting the pregnancy... and it won’t cause any trouble. But I’m just worried.

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My gynae said it's common for women to have cysts. In fact many women go on to have normal pregnancies even with cysts. Gynae also mentioned that cyst won't grow in size during pregnancy, so you don't have much to worry about since yours is very small. Have you already gotten your maternal insurance?

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3y ago

Anyway I asked cos apparently some companies don't sell maternal insurance to pregnant mums with cysts. But there are also agents who said they've no problem signing up clients with very small cysts. Just FYI, that's all, not a cause for concern :)

Hello! I had the same experience. My gynae Dr wang Junjie who happens to be a gynae oncologist also mentioned the same. He also monitors the size over pregnancy when doing routine ultrasound scan. Maybe you can ask your gynae to do the same.

My gynae found out that I had 3cm cyst at one of my ovary but he assured me that it does not affect my pregnancy. And he was right, I gave birth to a healthy baby and pregnancy was relatively smooth. So don’t worry about the cyst 😊

3y ago

Oh that’s great to hear... thanks for sharing ❤️ feeling a little better 👍

I had a cyst too but disappeared after awhile. Didn’t affect my pregnancy and baby is out healthy.


measured at 11cm when removed during cs... no issue during pregnancy

2y ago

When did you find out you had the cyst?