Trouble during feeding time.

Hi mummies, my baby is 1 month 14 days now. Nowadays he kept crying halfway through feeding time. We thought it might be because of gas so halfway through feeding time we always try to burp him. Sometimes he’ll burp, sometimes he won’t. But even when he burped already, he’ll still cry. So I will have to swaddle him and then he’ll finish his milk. Swaddling does help. But I wonder why he keeps crying now? Any of you mummies experience this?

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it might baby feel uncomfortable without swaddle. they want to be feed comfortably. slowly when baby older some stuff will change over times. not to worry.

2y ago

from my experience reading too much will make you very stress just go with the flow. I swaddle my baby until around 2 month plus. she just dislike it suddenly. I think most importantly is baby comfort. being a mom is very tiring job already haha

baby like to be swaddle bcos they feel the warm like inside mummy stomach.. if he or she still want to be swaddle.. just do so..

Must be colic , gassy stomach

if it bothers you, visit pd.

Colic? Stomach discomfort?

2y ago

How do we know if bb has colic? Do we need to bring bb to a PD? Cos I’m thinking if this continues then I wanna bring him to a PD..