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Hello, I'm under kkh subsidized route and aware that I cannot choose my doctor etc. My upcoming checkup is arranged only with doctor then subsequent 1 mth later, then detailed scan. However I have been having bleeding here and there for days on and off last 2 weeks... can I request to top up for a scan? Anyone has made such request previously? #advicepls #firstbaby #firsttimemom #pleasehelp

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If youre still having bleeding, best to go urgent o&g again. They might prescribe you with duphaston, to strengthen the womb. For subsidised route usually theres not much scans in early trimester. My 2nd appt they only check baby’s heartbeat and thats about it. Which i suspect theyll say if baby heartbeat is fine, theres no urgency for scan. You may want to go to private gynae for the scan.

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1y ago

so I cannot request or top up extra for the scan?

If your pregnancy is below 22 weeks, you can go to O&G KKH Urgent to have it check and request scanning or they will do it for you automatically to check on baby. If there's any issues with your pregnancy it will be uploaded on report and all doctor checking you will have the details needed for your during check up.

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1y ago

Yes you can just let them know to ensure your baby' fine

I went to o&g at kkh to get anything checked. better be safe:( jiayou!