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Hi everyone I did my NIPT test (Harmony) at KKH at 10w6d and I got "No Results" after 2 weeks. KKH advised me to go for FTS scan since I'm running out of time (FTS can only be done until 14 weeks). I do want to do NIPT again but KKH is saying that there could be chances of no results again and if that happens then I wouldn't know if there is any issue much later. Has anyone redone NIPT test and gotten results? I tried calling Parkway and TMC but apparently they won't do until a gynae orders it. I also heard that KKH's FTS test gives a lot of false positives. Can anyone share their experiences pls. #firsttimemom #pleasehelp #advicepls #FTM #nipt

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My husband and I decided to just do both cos each one has its own advantage. Cos FTS is a structural scan. No regrets doing both:) I did igene. I heard that if genetic test is done too early it may have inconclusive results? Not sure if that’s the case for you

I Did both at KKH. If your FTS shows chances of abnormalities, they will recommend NIPT anyway. But if yours shows no results, they might suggest Amniocentesis. But the good thing about kkh is, if ur NIPT no results, they can refund u.

I did nipt twice but is under igene. I wonder is tat why my gynae recommends igene. I didnt get any “no results” before.. but to do nipt at a pte clinic is super costly compared to kkh

You can always do NIPT again if FTS gives a false positive. If it is negative, then you don't have to do the NIPT again. But if you miss the FTS, you won't be able to do that later.

yes I did 2 times. and my second result came back good . however I immediately changed to a gynaee and left kkh. for me it's not a good hospital!

9mo ago

also is there a pro natural gynae there that you would recommend?

I did NIPT at private clinic and it was very costly Yepp. If u want to, maybe can head to a private Gynae clinic and request for NIPT scan?

9mo ago

hi may I ask which clinic did you do this at? I have been calling several labs like Parkway and clinics but they say this only be done with gynae's instruction. since I'm in kkh subsidy route, doubt the gynae will give instruction to do nipt external when kkh does it already. but since I received the no result test and even my fts results seems like false positive, I'm not so convinced with kkh's test quality. 😔 could you let me have the clinic at which you did the and whether or not you required your gynae permission/instruction to do so.

hi may I know how much is the Nipt and fts test?

9mo ago

You need to ask your hospital / clinic. All different price. I did FTS and NIPT at kkh, around $1k for both.