Diclectin and still puking?

Hi mummies, it’s me again. I’m on Diclectin since Monday, and still timing out the doses so that it brings down the nausea to a minimum. But I still find myself puking at certain times of the day. Wondering if there is anyone who also experienced the same as me? Are there any mummies who are also taking multiple doses of Diclectin in a day - can you share how you time your doses? And also share how you time your meals? (I don’t really feel hunger now. Rather, it comes as a strong wave of nausea when it’s near mealtime)

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Super Mum

I had nausea no matter how much medicine I took. It wasn’t fun. Diclectin made me really drowsy, and it’s usually recommended for night time before you sleep, so that it’ll help the morning sickness the next day. I took pyridoxine alone (it’s one of the components of Diclectin, without the antihistamine part) in the morning if I still had nausea, and later on also maxolon (metoclopramide) in the afternoon if I still had nausea. A combination of everything made my life better. Speak to your gynae about adding on medicines for your nausea? As for meals, I came to realise that I couldn’t follow the standard meal timings. I just ate whenever I wasn’t nauseated, and chose what to eat based on what didn’t make me feel like throwing up at the moment. Then when it came to standard meal times, if I felt like puking again, I would just leave the dining table. My husband and in-laws were understanding about it.

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1y ago

Thanks for the great advice! I’ve just been discharged from the hospital for hyperemesis and was also prescribed diclectin and maxolin. I’m so sleepy all the time so I shall try the diclectin just at night.