Still nauseous at week 12..when will this stop😪

From what I read online, most ladies start to feel better at week 10..though it definitely differs for every individual. I'm still feeling nausea all day, doesn't help that my work is pretty hectic. Feeling really sick of this already..I'm just hugging a plastic bag everywhere I go everyday. Tried Diclectin but always end up puking it out. I haven't been taking any vitamins as well as I feel unwell after taking them. Tried to replace with maternity milk but it makes me nauseous too. Quite worried that baby is not getting sufficient nutrients.. Mummies, when did your nausea stop?

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I’m at Week 21 and I still have morning sickness but it’s a lot better than before (puking 3 times a week than daily 8 times). It got better on and off from Week 19. The length of nausea really differs from woman to woman and even pregnancy to pregnancy— so don’t assume it gets better at Week 10 like others. It only made me sad feeling like it wasn’t getting better when everyone said it would be. ❤️ Just stay strong, try to stomach the diclectin cause it does help (will make you sleep for about 18 hours a day which keeps the food and prenatal vitamins down). Gambette 💪🏻

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i think if you cannot hold any intake you should go to the hospital they will pt iv drip for need to keep yourself hydrated then u will get at least slightly better

I feel u. I’m just reached week 12 and the nauseous seems to worsen. For my Prev pregnancy the nauseous/vomiting spells only wore off on week 20plus.

hihi I think my worst MS was during 10-12 weeks iirc. only week 17 and feeling a lot better. even during week 16 I puke but not as much. take care!

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Probably try having smaller meals throughout the days and add some healthy snacks like fruits or nuts for more nutrient. Take care mommy!

Monitor your weight, if you lose more than 3-4kg it’s not good for the baby and should go hospital for IV drip and diagnosis.

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Mine only stop around wk 16 last time, but cheer up Lady, u will soon get over it!