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Hi mummies! This is my 1st pregnancy and now at week 13. Currently, i can't take a full meal everyday. I will feel nauseous and sometimes end up vomitting if i take a full meal, although in a small quantity. Instead, i'll have to eat almost every 2-3 hrs. Is this normal?

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Yes it is normal.. I am experiencing the same as you in week 13. Some days are good for me but some days I vomit all.. but mostly I can only eat a few mouths of my meal

2y ago

Ahh okay. That makes us even more hungry. Hahaha. Hope the nausea will go away soon

Super Mum

Yes its normal.. but i trial n error what food i can accept and eat more of it.

2y ago

I see. I realized that i can't take chicken for now. Although it's my favourite. Hope i will be able to consume it soon. Thanks for the info ya 😊