This is our Sunday mom-reminder

As much as we love social media for its ability to educate and impact communities, I know that we often can misuse it. I know that we can scroll and compare, wondering ? ”how does she do it all?” ? “How is she so put together?” ? “Wow, they have a perfect relationship!” ? “I wish we could vacation as much as them” ? “her kids are so well behaved” ? This space can showcase perfection, when the real world may show otherwise. Hurting people can post the most well put together images. It’s not a safe comparison. We’re all different people trying to make sense of our own chaos. Be kind to yourself. . . What’s going well for YOU today? What are you appreciating in this moment?

This is our Sunday mom-reminder
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I may not be the best or perfect mom in the world, but I m trying to give the best in my abilities to show my kiddos how precious they are to me. We're not rich, but still we manage to give them their needs. I m happy to see other parents raising their kiddos with better life. No time for inggit or bash coz I have my own life, my kiddos are the most precious that i could ever have, cant ask for more.. Motherhood is an amazing journey, salute to all amazing momsh😊

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Thanks for sharing some positive thoughts. 😊