Second trimester

Any mothers still feeling nauseous and puking in second trimester? 😢

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Yes some people will still have morning sickness during 2nd trimester, I know some that even last the whole pregnancy! Hang in there mama!

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I’m 18weeks along & I still do have it. Not as bad as first trimester though. Just make sure you snack regularly.. it helps

I had morning sickness during all three trimester. My doctor said that was normal for some woman. I was given some medicine.

i had bad morning sickness until 22 weeks. it's very tiring but just hang in there! it will get better :) take care!

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Yes. Some ppl have morning sickness even in the 2nd trimester. And some even last throughout their pregnancy

yes I'm in my tired trimester and still like that bust at least better than during my first trimester.

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Was ok for me in trimester 2, rest more and try to have sour plum with you! Jiayou!

I only stop feeling nauseous and puking in 3rd trimester, around 8mth.

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I puked all the way into third trimester for both pregnancies!


I puked all the way til I gave birth. Sometimes it’s reflux.