Baby detergent and softener

Moms pls reco a good long lasting nice smell for detergent and softener apart from kodomo pls ..

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Why would you want ur baby clothes to be soaked in fragrance? Who know what these fragrance do to their skin??

1y ago

Actually I do agree.. All fragrance are chemical and it is not advisable to expose young children to such chemical, be it whether it is marketed as baby-friendly products or otherwise. Thus there is an increased popularity in fragrance-free products in the market as it is shown to be better on the skin.


bio home delicate ! can remove milk smell easily and stain.

I use Bio-home delicate! safe for babies and smells good

downy softener baby safe (light pink bottle)

Nature Love Mere from The Dinky Shop

maybe u can try laundry capsules

1y ago

I try that but doesn't work .. it say 2 pods for 5 kg load right ? or do I do it wrongly 😂

nuk liquid detergent

Super Mum

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