About stretch marks during pregnancy

Hi Moms, Im on my 2nd trimester of my pregnancy. 5th month to be exact. This is my first baby. Is it normal that my breast is now full of red and brown stretch marks? isn't it too early? it started to grow when i was on my 12weeks of being pregnant. I am worried, what if it will not disappear after I gave birth. any ideas moms?

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Its normal momshie. In the breast,they called aerola if im not mistaken.the whole brown thing in your breast need to give to baby to give milk. About your tummy, its normal to have stretchmarks because ur skin is still streching till 40weeks.if you feel itchy, dont use ur fingernails. Just use soft comb to prevent more stretchmarks.

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Pinagsasabe neto.

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...momshie, iba iba ang response ng katawan ng bawat babae sa pagbubuntis. meron early meron na at meron di after na manganak..natural lang po yan. no worries, bumabalik din sadati or magparesita ka sa O.b mo magandang ointment o gamot pang alis my stretch marks.

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I know someone who developed dark stretch marks on her tummy. Unfortunately it didn't heal or go back to its original form. It'd be better to apply some moisturizer or anti-stretchmark lotion on tummy & breast to relieve the dryness.

Ganyan ako dati momie nung pinagbubintis ko si baby, may minsan pa nga may lumalbas na milk, ung stretch mark ko sa dede di na po nawala