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Hi moms, my baby turning 1 month tomorrow. The past few days his intake has been inconsistent. Sometimes he drinks only 20ml which is very little. The most he drank was 120ml. His usual is 60ml. I don't know what to do. There were times where he vomitted his milk. Can you all share with me your experience and tips please, i'm a first time mom. Baby is on formula.🥲

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Ftm here too.. jiayou! I’m also trying to find the right amount to feed baby… every baby is different, for me, my baby Juz hit 1 month.. he can take 70ml max 100ml but when he takes 100 ml… he cannot go to sleep immediately cause he will vomit milk out. We feed on demand - when he is hungry he will cry… I guess it will help if you sit him up right for at least 30 mins after feeding if he is drinking more than his usual to prevent him from vomiting or spitting…

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All babies are different. Even so, their intake will also change from time to time. Whatever amount he takes in, as long as the diaper output is good I wouldn’t worry too much. Don’t force feed as it might backfire. If baby is throwing up after milk, it might be too much for him to take in.

3mo ago

Ok thank you for your advise mummy!❤