Any mommies here with 2 or 3 boys ? I have 2 boys n I don't intend to have a 3rd child but I'm so sick with those insensitive comments like "huh? No girls ah? Try for 3rd one lah , maybe will get a girl?".. "Wah seh! 2boys ! Must be tough for u !".. "girls are more fillial, should try for a girl." ... " girls are easier to manage than boys .." .. "huh? No girls to go shopping or high tea with next time ." Blah blah blah .. I admit that when I was conceiving my #2, I did hope for a girl but after having my second boy , I find him v cute n like it too n feel that it is okie not to have a girl but I often get such insensitive n irritating comments that I feel v irritated ! Yes, I can choose to ignore but hearing it day after day is really making me frustrated !

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It is a cycle. When u get married, pple ask when r u going to have kids. After 2 years no kids, they ask if u have problems n start giving u unsolicited advice. When u have num 1,they ask when num 2. Basically everything u do, u get questioned. ๐Ÿ˜… Nxt time if pple ask y no girl, juz say the father sperm no girl genes. Coz sperm determine gender! Hang in there mama!

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