Skin-to-skin after c-section

Mommies who had their c-section done, did anyone manage to get some skin-to-skin time with the newborn right after the surgery in the operating theatre? Especially mommies who had c-section done at TMC. Thank you in advance!

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Hi! Just delivered at TMC, and was told it’s standard protocol that they encourage mothers to do skin-to-skin for 1 hour before being pushed to ward now. But not sure if things might be different for Csect.

2y ago

Thank you! I’ll check with the nurses when I’m there for my c-section :)

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I had c section at TMC, they gave me baby immediately after for a few minutes of skin to skin but I didn't get to breastfeed. Only could breastfeed after we went back to the room

2y ago

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience :))

Didn’t deliver at TMC but I didn’t get skin-to-skin cause I was under GA as my epidural didnt kick in fully and when they cut me open I could feel excruciating pain.

2y ago

Oh ouch, that sounds really painful!

didn't deliver at TMC but was given skin to skin right after delivering but only for awhile then they took her to clean up

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Delivered at TMC but didn’t have skin-to-skin right after delivery but after the baby was cleaned and I was rolled to the ward.

2y ago

Thank you for sharing :D

hold my bb awhile only after delivered to take photos together with my hubby.


I had 1 hour of skin to skin the moment baby is taken out clean up wrap up

2y ago

That’s really nice :) Did you have to request for it?

I received my baby after 20 minutes

2y ago

hold my bb awhile only for taking photos together with my hubby.