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Hi mommies wanna ask at what age did u start solid food for ur LO and what are those? Thanks in advance.

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Super Mum

I started solids at 5.5 months when my baby is ready. Signs of readiness include ability to sit up unsupported, good neck control, loss of tongue thrust reflex, showing interest in food etc. I gave her Gerber organic oatmeal cereal with breastmilk. You can start with baby cereal or purée. For any new food, remember to introduce a new food at a time, give it during the day and for 3 continuous days to monitor if your baby has any allergic reaction such as rashes, swelling, breathing difficulties.

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2y ago

Im not sure if you can consider it as an interest to food but if we are having our meal he wikl be looking at the food going inside our mouth then his own mouth will move like chrwing the food😅