hi mommies just wanna ask if its normal to have cough during pregnancy. i know our immune system is really low when pregnant. but i am already taking 1gm of vit c everyday. last month i already had cough and colds. and now im already in my 30th week i am experiencing dry cough which i know will soon lead to productive cough. hone remedies didnt really worked the forst time so i had to take antibiotics. am really worried to take another week of antibiotivs for this 2nd round of cough.

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if prescribed naman ni ob nyo po yung antibiotics, don't worry po. normal na prone tayo sa sakit that's why pinapatake tayo multi vitamins and healthy diet dapat para maiwasan infection kay baby. drink a lot of water nlng po..

4y ago

thanks mommy. since its summer kasi so mas gusto q ng cold drinks. tas namalat na ako and then aun kumati na lalamunan ko. using bactidol to relieve the sore throat. thank you. will definitely tell my ob.

calamansi na may honey lang palagi mong inumin mommy

4y ago

thanks sa tip mommy! will definitely buy tom para lang mawala ubo ko. thank you again!