Do you mommies take chicken essence and bird nest during pregnancy? If so, how do you take both of them? Everyday or alternate days? Can it both be taken on the same day or do I have to do it on alternates eg ( week 1 bird nest week 2 chicken ess) ? Any advise? Ftm here, 18w5d. Thanks!

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Advice by tcm is can take alternate in the second trimester. One week bird nest. The other week chicken essence (best to cook urself tho). Just once a wk. 3rd trimester u might be feeling heaty so if u want u can don't take the chicken essence. Bird nest can still take

5y ago

Thank you!

I just drank when I feel like it. haha. But I don't drink chicken essence at all.

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I do take bird nest . But in moderation please ! My mum give me twice a week ..

I took bird nest a couple of times but not on a weekly basis.

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Birdnest i take once a week. Chicken Essence i take twice a week

5y ago

All within the same week?

chicken essence once a week for me.