How do you choose Wet wipes

Hi Mommies, can you share with me what are your consideration when buying wet wipes? So many in the market, how should I choose? #advicepls

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I’m using Infanity too! Thick, wet and cheap! It pulls out one by one. Love it! I’ve bought cartons off Shopee and never regretted it! I’d say go for this for the next best thing after Pigeon wipes. And most importantly choose one that is mostly or all water-based. 99.9% water. Alcohol free. Paraben free. Fragrance free. Aloe vera extract. Vitamin E. PH balanced, dermatologically and micro biologically tested. And this is all in Infanity baby wipes! 😍 Never tried anything else except Soonsu wipes which doesn’t pull out one by one and is much much thinner than most wipes. I’ve heard Jeju wet wipes are great too. Haven’t tried cause a bit ex for my liking in the long run.

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cheap thick big piece and wet! let me share with you the brand's I've tried and end up I'm using Jeju wet wipes. pigeon - thing wetness so so not very big piece. don't like it has smell. Huggies - very thick wetness alright quite big piece tolly jolly - very big piece thick very wet (3rd favourite brand but costly 😂) clover soft - wet big and thick (2nd favourite but price not cheap bought small pack for usage when I'm out) Jeju wet wipes - cheap big piece thickness good very wet!

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Read reviews online to shortlist a few brands to try before buying your preferred brand in bulk. The texture and wetness is important. I also prefer wipes that can easily be extracted piece by piece to minimise wastage and also easier when you are handling an active baby. There are brands with wipes that stick to other pieces such that you may end up pulling a bunch out when you are in a hurry or single handed.

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I'm using the local brand Infanity. Big sized wipe and very wet! During flash sale on Shopee and buy in bulk, it's cheaper per pack than Pigeon's. I changed from Pigeon as it easily loses its moisture.

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Personally I like Infanity (local brand, can be found on Shopee). Normal sized, on the thicker side, and moist. Price is decent during flash sales too! (20 packs of 80 wipes at $26.50?)

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Pricing, size, thickness and easy to pull. Ask around for feedback. I liked LEC brand wipes. I tried Cloversoft which is thicker but sometimes clump so waste a few wipes.

unscented. wet enough. doesnt pull out many at one time. i always go for jeju n those korean kind. 😅 cheap n affordable. gd enuf.

i’ve been using watson brand wet wipes. 3 packs for $5.50. so far so good.☺️☺️

oldam is good. can buy when there's sale on shopee. or when there's grpbuy

I focus on ingredients and if it's thick and wet enough